About Us

AjantaMusic is a London-based band, formed on the Spanish island of Ibiza in 2005 by brothers Paul and Robin Simon, who have previously worked with Ultravox, John Foxx, Visage, Magazine, Cowboys International, Thomas Dolby and Glen Matlock, amongst others.

July 2017 brings the latest release on Paul Simon's Stratotester Records. Dangerous Friends is a new album from early-eighties electronic group The Fallout Club, featuring Trevor Herion, Thomas Dolby, Paul Simon and Matthew Seligman plus, on the remix tracks, Robin Simon and Gina Watson.

2018 saw the release of "I See My Friends" by New Wave pioneers, The Civilians. This live album was recorded in Camden, London, in December 1979.

Paul and Robin Simon are currently working on a new live band for late 2021. Station X present Ultrasonic.

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